North American Lumberjack Guide


North American Links  -  Professional   
Big John Miller Lumberjack Show

Canadian Lumberjack Championships

ESPN Great Outdoor Games

Fryeburg Fair Woodsmen's Day

Kentucky Lumberjack Challenge

Lumberjack World Championships

Morton's Loggers Jubilee

New York State Woodsmen's Field Days

North Idaho Timberfest (Sandpoint)

Orofino Lumberjack Days

Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days
American Lumberjack Association

Canadian Logger Sports Association

New York State Lumberjack Association

United States Axemen's Association

United States Axemen's Association

Lumberjack Water Sports

Touring Road Shows          
Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show

North American Links  -  Equipment & Memorabilia           

Lumberjack Trading Post and Emporium            

Jim Taylor's "Keelen Blade and Tool"

North Idaho Lumberjack Equipment

Sanetta Lumberjack Sports Equipment

Mercier's Racing Saws

Bailey's Woodsman Supply

Bertrand's Hotsaws - Chain Saws


North American Links  -  Collegiate            
Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association

Colby College Woodsmen's Team

Colorado State University Woodsmen's Team

The ESF Forestry Club

The Logger Sports Club at the University of Idaho

University of New Brunswick Woodsmen Team

Forestry Club at Oregon State University

Washington State University - Lumberjack Sports Team

Australia,  New Zealand,  Germany,  Norway  &  Finland
The Australian Axemen

The Queensland Axeman

Eurojack - Sports

Federation of New South Wales Axemens' Association

International Lumberjack and Rafters Meet - Lieksa, Finland

David Foster - World Champion Axemen

New Zealand's National Governing Sports Bodies

Northland Axemen's Association

Pottsbury Farm's Axeman's Carnival

Anton's Timber Show,  Tonsberg, Norway.

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